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Application of Marine Shield UK
June 12, 2013
World leading surface protection system
June 24, 2013
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Steve Fussell and Joe Smyth of and Lapd valeting were recently appointed as Airglide affiliated Valeters/Detailers in the Leicester area. After trialling the product they wanted to come on board as were very excited at the ease of application of the product & amazing results. They can’t stop talking about the Airglide Ultimate Shield surface protectant system.

Airglide affiliated Valeters/Detailers Airglide Valeters/Detailers Airglide affiliated Valeters

Please see just a few of their comments below: 

” Without a doubt this application is the best I have experienced in the last 15 years in the Valeting business”!

“Once I had trialled the product, I was so impressed that I immediately dropped the valeting range of products that I had always recommended and launched  Airglide Ultimate Shield. My clients trust me and are confident in any of the recommendations that I make”.

“After attending a training course at Airglide offices in Poole I received my certificate qualifying me to apply the products and issue the lifetime warranty package .These photos show the first finishes of the Airglide paint protection system and both myself and Joe already have forward orders  for the next few weeks”.

“I can’t recommend the company Airglide enough , any other Valeters or Detailers are missing a huge opportunity by not coming on board. All I can say is come and join the adventure”.