Marine Craft

Where to use Airglide Marine

Airglide Marine is a new, innovative, robust and durable surface protection system which can be applied to your entire vessel.

Marine Craft

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Airglide Marine TM – Product Key Advantages

  • Protects against corrosion and prolongs painted finish
  • Reduced surface friction improves speed through the water for sailing craft
  • Increases interval between cleaning and reduces cleaning time
  • Leaves your vessel in showroom condition
  • The application is covered by our 12 month warranty in salt water and 18 months in fresh water, areas above the waterline only (subject to conditions being met).
  • Resists accretion of insects, bird droppings and tree resin
  • Product range for both exterior and interior treatments
  • Airglide Marine utilises ‘nano’ technology in a surface protectant
  • Silicon and Teflon free

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