There’s not an industry or a business in the world that doesn’t want to have that competitive edge and that’s why in a time where every penny counts and competition becomes harder, it is important to be better than everyone else in your sector.

Airglide is your perfect partner to protect and improve the competitive advantage of your business. For a smarter and more efficient you just click below.
  • "WOW, GREAT STUFF, AMAZING, AWESOME have been my first words after testing; The best surface protectant i ever used!!" Fritz Brunhuber, Dodge Ram owner 2017
    Fritz Brunhuber
    Dodge Ram owner
  • "I am using both of your products, The Airglide and foam wash , when I use these products I always get great results. I still have both products in stock. As soon a I require any more I'm in touch." Mark Chegwidden, Propwash 2016
    Mark Chegwidden
  • "The service was excellent and the finish has proved to be very effective. I flew the Yak-11 to eastern Ukraine and back straight after the treatment and have been very pleased with the coating." Andrew Holman, Russian Radials - 2016
    Andrew Holman
    Russian Radials
  • "I cannot recommend this company enough, the team at Airglide are professional, friendly and get the job done with spectacular results!. My car looks amazing and just sparkles like it did the day it was brand new!" Mark from Poole, Dorset 2016
    Mark from Poole
    Local Customer
  • "I want to highlight the fantastic service that I get from Airglide as a whole. More importantly the range of products are first class and do exactly what they say on the packaging. Thanks guys keep up the good work." Glenn Mountney, Valeting Direct 2016
    Glenn Mountney
    Valeting Direct
  • I used Airglide on my 1999 Aston Martin DB7. It was easy to apply. I am somewhat anal about how the car looks as it's a hobby car rather than regular transport so it gets washed after each time out. I used to be a canuba wax fan but now I sing the praises of Airglide. Also used Airglide on my wife's new BMW. Ordered the product by phone/credit card and received the goods next day." Stephen Jackson - 1999 Aston Martin DB7 2016
    Stephen Jackson
    1999 Aston Martin DB7
  • "Really excellent. I have taken the car to Spain through heat, dust and rain. A rinse and it looks better than new every time. Will have my business car done ASAP. The guy who did the application was extremely helpful. Ashleigh in Sales kept up with changing travel plans to get my car done in the right place at the right time. The car is a Lexus Soarer. Now rare and to me irreplaceable. Thanks to all at Airglide." David Bowen-Jones - Airglide Client 2016
    David Bowen-Jones
    Airglide Client
  • "The airglide products were applied with relative ease to our aircraft Kevlar bodywork and produced a superb finish. The 100ml step 2 product was sufficient for all the C42 bodywork (wings not done). The main reason we purchased the product was hopefully to protect the finish longer term and in particular make cleaning easier. Its too early to report back on this but I can let you know in 3 -4 months time." Michael Skinner - Airglide Client 2016
    Michael Skinner
    Airglide Client
  • "I am very happy with the product applied to my vehicle. The service I received was exceptional and could not be faulted in anyway. When I first saw my car after the treatment was applied I was amazed as to how the colour had been enhanced and the shine was very impressive. I have been amazed as too how easy it has become to keep my car looking in that showroom condition, just a simple wash with a bucket and sponge and not a lot of effort either. I can honestly say I am glad I chose Airglide to treat my car and look forward to years of happy motoring with my shiney car." Ronald Gill - Airglide Client 2016
    Ronald Gill
    Airglide Client
  • “It looked absolutely fabulous” “Just to thank you for doing such a great job. We went out in the Aston Martin DB7 on Sunday and it looked absolutely fabulous. Many thanks Airglide” Aston Martin DB7 owner – Airglide Valeting
    DB7 Owner
    Aston Martin DB7
  • “One rinse with water alone and everything is clean!” “The New Targa 23.1 was coated back in April 2013. The customer is extremely satisfied. He said: “When I get back to the boat after 4 to 5 weeks, I just rinse with water alone and everything is clean.” I’ve looked at the boat yesterday in the marina and it really looks like new.”
    Jens Kampe
    Nanotechnik Rügen
  • “The results are well worth the effort.” “Pat Oakey received his new C42 and treated the plane with the Airglide product. The results were so spectacular that John has now treated five of the seven C42`s at Chatteris. Without a power buffer it is hard work but the results are well worth the effort. Pat has flown his plane five times since it was polished and other than a wipe over there has been no need to spend lots of time cleaning.” John Fisher – New C42
    John Fisher
    New C42
  • “It was an honour to represent Airglide and I am looking forward to continue to do so. Its application definitely gave me an advantage, particularly straight line speed, which can be seen by my times over the finishing line compared with other drivers.” Tommy Ostgaard - Michelin Clio Cup Driver November 2013
    Tommy Ostgaard
    Michelin Clio Cup Driver
  • “I can honestly say that the whole application process and the finished shine is absolutely amazing. I thought the car looked great before you started, but after the shine and touch of the surface was fantastic. !” Graham Hatch – Healey owner April 2016
    Graham Hatch
    Healey owner


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