David Stoneman established Airglide limited and with their specialist and extensive knowledge of both the Aviation and Renewable industries are jointly moving forward to offer this unique service to potential clients.

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Airglide UK Distribution Centre
Airglide provides a unique, specialist team that can offer over 150 years experience between them. From aircraft engineering to renewable energy experience to marketing strategists, our team knows what it takes to be successful.

In 2001 our senior engineer realised that more needed doing to protect aircraft and prevent corrosion. Then in 2007 a product became available to him, and allowed him to progress into the market and attain trials for this product. For over three years the product has been improved, branded and trademarked for the most sceptical industries and has come out the other side holding its own, and achieving results that were beyond what was originally required.

Our Aviation sector specialises in applying our unique product onto aircraft, and to date have undertaken many applications. From 2007 we have been applying our unique product to various industry sectors, with on going success…

Our fuel efficiency team is headed by an ex-Navy pilot who presently flies commercial airliners. He has the thankless task off going through all our trial data so as to prove or disprove savings for our clients.

We are presently moving in all directions, we have applied to various aircraft both legacy airlines, to flying clubs, marine craft and road vehicles. Our close links within the industry and our requirements of excellence at all levels have given us proven reputation. Our teams of fully skilled technicians have for the last 4 years delivered our promises on time every time and we are proud of work standard.

We are also trialling indepth with the wind farm industry, and will soon be able to publish our results.

We have and are currently undertaking application in the general aviation sector, we have gained contracts in the wind energy sector, ranging from the arctic conditions of Canada to the sunshine of the Mediterranean. We are presently finalising contracts in the Middle East.

Recently we appointed a new Project Manager. He arrives with more than 35 years experience in the aviation world. He entered into civil aviation as a licensed engineer, initially on wide bodied aircraft. From 1992 until 2004 he worked as an engineer on various regional aircraft types including DHC 7; DHC 8; Dornier 328, Turbo-prop and Jet as well as Hawker Beechcraft corporate jets. Since 2004 he has held managerial positions as post holder, approved as Form 4 holder for aircraft maintenance, by two current EASA National Authorities. During this time he has also been approved to deputise as both Continuing Airworthiness and Quality manager.

Other appointments include our very own Company Chartered Chemist.