Airglide aviation transformation

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April 30, 2013
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May 13, 2013
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“Airglide – it’s not a treatment. It’s a transformation” – Philip Peel

Philip Peel is one of the volunteers who have been putting the Airglide surface treatment onto a large classic jet.

Philip says, “I have recently spent an intensive three days applying Airglide to a large classic jet. After a simple briefing on the principles of the product and how to correctly prepare the paint surface to receive it I set to work. The jet being ex military has substantial areas of alternating grey/green pattern camouflage. As a “classic” aircraft over fifty years old and with thousands of hours logged, her paint finish also varies widely in age and condition. Some panels were freshly refinished and pristine. Others carried the scars and patina of wear from years of hard military service. This was no glossing of a factory fresh diamond white executive arrow. Colour to colour, panel to panel her life history was there to see. It was hard to imagine a tougher test of a high tech finish than on this old war horse. Yet the results were simply superb. Airglide is easy to use and every panel was substantially improved. Regardless of age or condition every area responded to treatment. Airglide is a two stage process. With the first stage you could see the difference appear under the cloth. With the second you could literally feel it too. The surface finish completely changed.”

All involved agree the jet is looking absolutely fantastic.

Find out more about Airglide Aviation surface protection and how It suppresses corrosion, reduces surface degradation and protects all surfaces whether they are painted or exposed metal.