Airglide continues to impress the race world

Incredible results on an old Land Rover fire truck
Incredible results on an old Land Rover fire truck
November 18, 2013
Increased performance
December 17, 2013
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Rockingham Airglide on Clio

On a cold weekend the final Michelin Clio Cup series race was completed.

Airglide Ultimate supported the Norwegian Driver Tommy Ostgaard in his first drive in the class, driving on slicks, with a left hand seat and synchronised gear box rather than column change, all strange after only a few practice laps to familiarise himself.

Rockingham Airglide on Clio

But what a debut!!! Tommy was racing against more experienced drivers, but showed no fear; Qualifying 2nd on the grid in the first race and also in the 45 minute endurance race.

A podium finish in the first race was amazing in itself but the excitement was to be saved for the endurance race where Tommy mixed it with two other drivers … as the commentator stated “You could throw a blanket over the first three!”

6 laps from the finish, Tommy took the lead and was two laps away from a first place, when a car he was overtaking dropped oil and he lost position to the eventual winner.

Tommy commented after the race:

“Once again I want to thank Robert Sandham, UK Director of Airglide, for coming to Rockingham and applying Airglide Ultimate. The product has contributed to giving me the best weekend of my life and I was pleased to share it with him.”

Airglide continues to impress the race world

“It was an honour to represent Airglide and I am looking forward to continue to do so. Its application definitely gave me an advantage, particularly straight line speed, which can be seen by my times over the finishing line compared with other drivers.”

Norwegian Driver Tommy Ostgaard

“I really do believe in Airglide and have ideas to help Airglide launch in my home country Norway and Scandinavia”

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