Application of Marine Shield UK

Airglide surface protectant
May 13, 2013
Airglide affiliated Valeters/Detailers
June 24, 2013
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Below is the process of application of Marine Shield UK from Airglide

Jens Kampe from Nanotechnik Rügen explains the process on a 31 foot Nordstar Boat  (similar to a Targa)

Application above the protection rib with Marine Shield.
Time: 9 hours with 2 workers.

Application is made with machine and some areas by hand.
I always make sure I use enough product at Step 1 and Step 2.

1) We cleaned the surface.
2) We then buffed with a medium polisher.
3) We wiped down residue of our polish.
4) We degreased with isopropyl alcohol.
5) We thoroughly buffed with Step 1 and a foam pad.
6) After few minutes we wiped down the residue.
7) With a eccentric action machine and microfibre pad and low speed we applied plenty Step 2 criss cross .
8) After a few minutes we wiped down the residue with a microfibre cloth

The customer was very happy and satisfied with the results

Take a look at the Application of Marine Shield UK for yourself below.



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