Technical benefits

Airglide services using its products have a proven nano-technology that is both unique, innovative and delivers up an unrivalled level of protection for your company assets – in the air, in the water, and on the road.

It is a high performance coating that has had its capabilities tested, approved and certified by many of the world’s leading authorities in aerospace materials testing and a wide range of leading industry names besides.

Airglide has proven to have the most outstanding product in its field by one of the worlds leading laboratory material testing facility.

Technical Results

Tribometer and scratch results (click for magnified view)


The CSM Scratch Test Results (PDF)
The Tribometer Test Results (PDF)
SDS Step 1 and SDS Step 2 (Both MS Word)

Airglide products protect surfaces without degrading them. So you can use it on a range of surfaces, from paint work, livery, bare metal such as alclad, leading edges, air intakes, composite blade surfaces, solar panels, Perspex and many more….

Nano Technology – defining the product

Nano Technology - defining the product

Extremely tough, durable and longer lasting than any other treatment, coating, wax or polish, Airglide products can increase paint/ coating life by up to 50% and retain your asset value.

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Uniquely should you no longer want the Airglide products on your asset due to resale or decommission etc, we can remove it at any time with absolutely no harm to original coating, and leave the surface finish in the same condition as the pre application

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