Stunning McLaren 570S

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May 9, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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Mclaren with Airglide single car pack


It’s difficult to improve a car that gets 5/5 in Autocar, 9/10 by Top Gear and 5/5 from Evo. 

But we think the stunning McLaren 570S can still be improved. Certainly it looks even more beautiful with the application as is seen in our photos below, though the 203.8 mph max speed and 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds acceleration won’t suffer from applying our Airglide products.

The Airglide application was applied by Jamie to the McLaren. The main aim was to show our product is a high end product, can protect high value assets and also can be applied on all surfaces including carbon fibre.
The owner whom shall remain anonymous, was overjoyed by the finished article and more high end motors are on their way.

McLaren has been winning on the track for decades, but its road car division is a relative newcomer. However, by applying what it’s learnt from Formula One to the road, it has produced some stunning performance cars.

McLaren 570S details
RRP: From £143,250
Horsepower: 419 kW
Fuel economy: 26 mpg combined (17 city, 38 highway)

So if you’re a boy racer or the owner of a top end vehicle, add this to your shopping trolley and see how great your vehicle looks after the easy application.