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May 23, 2017
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dodge ram

Hi Ashleigh,
A month ago my buddy Claudio from Globeair asked me, if I want to test Airglide;
After 45 years in business with aircraft maintenance and polishing you are always suspicious about new products on the market;
So finally I tested Airglide on my 4 years old Dodge RAM : WOW, GREAT STUFF, AMAZING, AWESOME, have been my first words after testing;
The best surface protectant I ever used!!
All my friends seen the result just told me: Order Please !!
Thanks to Airglide Company ! They did a great job!!!

Best Regards Fritz Brunhuber

Take a look at the results below of the Airglide “The best surface protectant”



dodge ram



dodge ram with airglide






Here are the results of Airglide on his bike