Environmentally friendly and reduces cleaning time


Typical fuel savings for an fleet will be 5–10% pa.


Reduction in fuel costs by up to 15% pa


Creates an amazing and lasting showroom shine

Product Key Advantages for Transportation:

Surface Protection Coating System

For all vehicle types, we provide our unique Surface Protection Coating System. Instead of applying a traditional ‘car wax’ our coating system is based on our commercial airline coating and has many benefits:

  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces surface friction resulting in fuel savings
  • Creates an amazing and lasting showroom shine
  • Restores lustre to tired and faded paintwork

Our simple two-step process is easy to apply and maintain. The system contains ultra-small, durable particles that penetrate the ‘pores’ of a treated surface with a very thin, robust and durable surface sealing film, flattening the morphology and creating an incredibly smooth finish at the molecular level.

Eco safe Vehicles

Our Eco safe box is a plug and play device that controls, limits and reduces a vehicles speed and acceleration. With our partner company, we have installed it on over 300,000 vehicles worldwide. It can be installed on all types of vehicles, including cars, buses, lightweight and heavy trucks and delivers a host of features and benefits:

  • Reduction in fuel costs – by up to 15% pa depending on vehicle type
  • Three year, 150,000 km warranty
  • Limits speeding – you set the parameters for your fleet
  • Stops over revving – saving money on every journey
  • Reduction in wear and tear – engines, gearboxes, clutches and tyres
  • Controls and limits acceleration
  • Trip data logging – date, start/end time, speed, over speed, tampering
  • Reversing limiter – to reduce accidents
  • Emergency vehicle speed limiter – when ‘blue’ lights are engaged
  • Automatic dual speed limiter – for younger drivers, off road and trailers
  • Geo speed limiter – geo-fence a specific location to control the top speed

Improvement in fuel efficiency

Improvement in fuel efficiency of 15% + pa depending on vehicle type

Where to use Airglide

Airglide is a innovative, robust and durable surface protection system which can be applied to your entire vehicle.

View our 2 minute demonstration video here.
Airglide ultimate protection for transport

Airglide ultimate BottlesAirglide Ultimate – Product Key Advantages

  • Silicon and Teflon free
  • Airglide can be applied in direct sunlight
  • Protects against corrosion and prolongs painted finish
  • Resists accretion of insects, bird droppings and tree resin
  • Product range for both exterior and interior treatments
  • Increases interval between cleaning and reduces cleaning time
  • Leaves your vehicle in showroom condition
  • Airglide Ultimate utilises ‘nano’ technology in a surface protectant
  • Full Warranty and Lifetime guarantee.

How does our surface protection coating system work?

Step 1

  • Deep cleans the surface with a dry wash product
  • Removes all dirt, grime, dead paint cells, oil and other deposits from within the pores of the surface
  • Creates a robust but flexible protective shield
  • Negatively charges the surface

Step 2

  • Fills in the pores to fully protect the surface underneath
  • Positively charges the surface
  • Creates a robust micron thick barrier as the particles cross polymer link
  • Creates a smooth finish at molecular level