Ultimate Trade Pack

Ultimate trade packTRADE ONLY – Price on application – In Stock

Ultimate Trade Pack – Ideal for covering 7 to 10 cars depending on their size
This works out an incredibly efficient way to cover several cars for a cost of under £35 a car.

Please do not use Step 1 & 2 on soft tops as it is not suitable for use on leather/vinyl or fabric.

When applying to soft tops, step 1 and 2 must not be used, instead Airglide Fabric cleaner and protectant should be applied to soft tops which can be purchased separately.

Ultimate trade pack includes:

1 Litre Step 1 Dry Clean,
500ml Step 2 Surface Protectant,
14 microfibre cloths & 7 microfibre pad,
7 pairs of gloves,
7 air fresheners.

Item reference : AUTP004