Environmental benefits and saves water


Improvement in fuel efficiency > 1.50% per annum


Reduction in drag friction coefficient by over 40%


Reduction in surface material penetration and contaminants

Product Key Advantages for Aviation:

  • Utilises nano technology in a surface protectant.
  • It is totally Silicon and Teflon free which prevents damage to paint finishes.
  • It suppresses corrosion, reduces  surface degradation and protects all surfaces whether they are painted or exposed metal.
  • Airglide Aviation will reduce annual cleaning, maintenance and water costs.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by reducing skin friction.
  • Airglide Aviation uses a dry, acid free deep clean for the initial process, as opposed to an acid based, wet wash. This makes for little or no water contamination of the application site. Consequently, the application process is more environmentally friendly than competitive products.
  • Little or no debris build up on leading edge and primary areas.
  • Minimises ice accretion to aircraft on the ground.
  • Increases paint life and protects corporate identity.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Increases Aircraft All Up Weight by only a nominal amount (0.5 Kg to a Boeing B747).
  • Comprehensive warranty and liability insurance.
  • All application personnel fully trained and experienced.

Reduces drag friction by over 40%

Airglide specialises in drag friction reduction

How Airglide Aviation helps you save

Designed to keep aircraft cleaner for longer resulting in fuel savings and reduced cleaning costs.

How Airglide Aviation saves Designed to keep aircraft cleaner for longer resulting in fuel savings and reduced cleaning costs. Aircraft operators will see an average of 2-3% fuel saving

Helicopters – Rotary

Erosion on the rotor blades leading edges and rotor tip is a major concern. We believe our product can reduce the effects of erosion. So much so, we are currently undergoing vigorous tests to verify our concept.

Our product drastically reduces the ingression of sea water and assists in the prevention of joint and sandwich corrosion.

Airglide Aviation is a great asset to all helicopter operators from air and sea rescue, to oil and gas industries, the military, through to air ambulance and police services.

How does our surface protection coating system work?

Step 1

  • Deep cleans the surface with a dry wash product
  • Removes all dirt, grime, dead paint cells, oil and other deposits from within the pores of the surface
  • Creates a robust but flexible protective shield
  • Negatively charges the surface

Step 2

  • Fills in the pores to fully protect the surface underneath
  • Positively charges the surface
  • Creates a robust micron thick barrier as the particles cross polymer link
  • Creates a smooth finish at molecular level