What do detailers think about Airglide Ultimate?

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July 2, 2013
E-type Jaguar using Ultimate Shield from Airglide
Airglide applied to a 1963 E Type Jaguar
August 12, 2013
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So what do detailers think about Airglide Ultimate?

We spoke to Lachlan Chalmers from Clyde Valley Detailing to see how they find using our products.

“We have been applying Airglide Ultimate Shield now to our customers cars for a while now and have to say it is one of the best products we have worked with.  Having been in the valeting and detailing industry for well over 15 years now, we have tried many different products and Airglide Ultimate Shield is far and away the best one we have worked with, we now only use Airglide products on our client’s vehicles as they demand the very best and Ultimate Shield both meets and exceeds customer expectations.”

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“Our customers are always impressed when they come to collect their cars, the lustre and depth of shine coupled with an immense optical clarity and smoothness of the paintwork make it a winner everytime far outstripping any other product available on the market and the results are consistent on both new and used vehicles.”

“Water beading and sheeting are absolutely outstanding the water just rolls off and on dark metallics we have noticed a significant “flake pop” and an unbelievable depth of shine and similarly on light metallics Ultimate Shield gives the paintwork a crisp, clean sharpness unmatched by any other sealant we have used.  The application is straight forward, no mess, no fuss and results can be seen instantly, minor swirls and paint imperfections are removed, however serious paint defects should be corrected first to ensure maximum effect from the product.”

“We stock the full range of products available from Airglide and can not recommend them highly enough, the plastic and rubber protectant is superb and leaves a non greasy lustre to all exterior plastics that last weeks not days.  The ph neutral snow foam is excellent and again we use this on all vehicles that come to our detailing studio, it dilutes down 1/300 making it extremely cost effective and produces a thick blanket of foam that lifts the most stubborn dirt, without damaging or stipping LSP and when used undiluted is great for cleaning alloys and it smells nice too and is popular with customers who wish to maintain the finish using the proper products.”

“On convertible hoods the Airglide Fabric Protectant works well giving good beading and no run off onto the bodywork, similarly when applied to parcel shelves, carpets and upholstery and spills just sit onto and can be easily wiped up without any staining.”

“We are very pleased to be affiliated with Airglide and look forward to having a long association with them, the products perform well and the training, back up and delivery are outstanding.”